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Have you ever had an anime character that you just didn't like? Maybe it was their character, or maybe they're just really annoying. Or maybe it's the fact that their just over rated by most people even though they're just not that great. Well trust me, I've been their before. 

That anime character for me used to be Goku. Y'know, one of the most iconic anime character's in history, and at the same time one of the most worshiped anime characters known to man kind? Now before you start to hate me for hating Goku, hear me out. You have to admit he is somewhat over powered, what with the five different transformations, somehow becoming stronger every time he died within the show, and for some other reason that I can't really remember right now. I used to really hate the guy. Granted, this hate stems from something that had happened a while back...

It was January 10, 2013. My brother and I had just returned from school when we had remembered that the new Death Battle (property of Screw Attack hopefully I will not be sued for mentioning it) was uploaded that day. For those who don't know, Death Battle is basically when Screw Attack takes a character, be it anime, video game, t.v., whatever. This fight was probably the biggest because it featured Superman, and you guessed it, Goku. I knew that if Goku lost, the fan rage level would be OVER 9000!!!!!!!!! (I'm sorry I had to XD) And you know what happened; Goku lost. And as I had previously predicted, the fanboys were not happy. And listening to them whine and complain about how the fight was "biased" and how Goku should have won the fight just gave me a good reason to kinda hate Goku. I personally thought the match was fair (or as fair as it could have been what with Goku having four different transformations during the fight) and that it was over all good. 

This hatred for Goku festered for the next following five months. Then the other day my brother was telling me how he was playing a video game with a friend from school that featured Sonic and Goku. When I was told my brother was playing as Sonic and the other kid (whose in like 6th grade [we go to a K-12 school]) lost as Goku I wasn't really that bothered. However the kid and his friends were. They all were astonished at how their beloved Goku could have lost to someone playing as the Cyan Speedster. I thought it over today and I realized, it's not Goku I hate. Its the fans. 

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean fans of the show and of Goku who know that when he's lost, he's lost. I mean those fan raging, pain in the neck fans who get all mad when ever someone has something bad to say about Goku. And if you're reading this, you know who you are...

This hasn't changed my opinion on Goku that much however. I still think he's a bit OP, but I don't hate him as much as I used to. Now I barely tolerate him. It's the fans I can't stand. Out of pure curiosity, if any of you reading this have had any similar moments like mine, or just have a character who you just straight up don't like, leave a comment. Like I said, I'm curious. 

Listening to: Streetlight Manifesto
Reading: This journal entry to avoid any spelling errors.
Watching: A walkthrough for the Last of Us
Eating: Souls 
Drinking: Punch of the Hawaiian kind

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